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STEM Teachers

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Last Updated:Sun, Jun 25, 2017


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Free App Enables STEM Teachers to Create LOCAL Collaborative Communities & Access FREE STEM Resources & Tools. Whether you are currently a STEM teacher, training to be one, or thinking about being one - We hope this free mobile app can provide you with access to resources that might be of help on your journey. App is dedicated to the many teachers worldwide making a critical difference in the lives of so many thru their commitment to education, while many struggle daily to do more in their classroom and at home with less and less funding. App provides info on STEM/Subject Specific Online Classes, Funding & Classroom Freebies, Videos, Mentoring,Internships,News,STEMedidate & more. Features included in this first version of the 'STEM Teachers' App were suggested by STEM, Non-STEM teachers and other industry professionals. App’s main objective is to provide you with an easy to navigate comprehensive set of STEM resources and tools on your phone that you can access anytime & anywhere.

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