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Whey Natural USA

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Last Updated:Sun, Aug 6, 2017


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Whey Natural! USA® was conceived as a company with the intentions to revolutionize the ​whey protein industry with a superior SuperFood product that would provide our consumers with the highest quality ingredients and best-tasting whey protein on the market. Our protein is sourced from pastureland cows that are grass-fed and is free of all harmful hormones found in other brands of whey protein. Unlike many other supplement companies that sell proprietary blends of inexpensive and unnecessary ingredients, Whey Natural! USA® has developed a product that contains less than a handful of the highest-quality ingredients. Many leading protein companies offer an inferior source of protein, and add in a multitude of genetically modified fillers like maltodextrin to reduce their costs. We know what goes in our whey protein concentrate...We manufacture our Whey Natural! USA. Our Olympian and professional athletes know the benefits of Whey Natural! USA and use our product daily.

boost sports performance, build lean muscle, fast muscle recuperation, grass fed whey protein concentrate, high protein meal replacement, increase endurance, metabolize fat

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