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Texas Adoptee Rights

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Last Updated:Sun, Jun 25, 2017


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Texas Adoptee Rights app is a simple way to connect with those who are working to restore access to Adult Adoptee's Original Birth Certificates. The app provides a quick way for the user to follow bills, research adoption law, and even make a call to the Texas Capitol to speak to their legislator. With maps to the capitol and even parking, it makes attending committee hearings stress free. The links to DNA testing sites also provides explanations of the DNA terminology and how to identify the genetic relationships between DNA matches. DNA testing does reconnect adoptees and family every day, yet is unable to determine all inherited medical conditions. The bygone days of closed adoptions has resulted in an aging population unable to make educated health care choices and driving up the cost of health care. The videos and supporting studies show that every ethical and educated person and entity support restoring access to adult adoptees original birth certificates.

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