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TNT Racing School

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Last Updated:Mon, Aug 15, 2016


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This is it for all things Skippy/F1 on the service. This app provides over 25 hours of videos, extensive guides, fuel calculators, telemetry guides, and much more for the Skip Barber Formula 2000. The first of its kind, TNT-Racing members have collected mountains of information to share with you. Individual setups, forum advice, on-track instruction opportunities and more are all within your reach with this app. TNT-Racing is one of the oldest and most recognizable teams on the iRacing service, sponsored by Allen Berg Racing Schools and GTR Simulator. With multiple drivers competing at the highest levels of online competition, TNT-Racing offers its wealth of knowledge to the budding superstar wishing to improve his or her skills in the Skippy and FW31. Not only does this app contain half-hour track guides for each track on the service used in the Skippy series, it also has extensive telemetry videos, and a user-friendly "Ask TNT" to get all your questions answered!

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