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The Last Day Audio

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Last Updated:Wed, Sep 24, 2014


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Finally, an Audio Drama that lets your mind explore into the future, as we reveal a world like no other. The Last Day certainly ends with the end of the world, but we're not dead just yet! There's a whole lot of weird stuff going on around here, and the way things are going, you just might be rooting for the world to end sooner than it does. Our 5 episode mini-series kicks off in a future where people must live with the walls of Tri-City, under the rule of The New Earth Order (N.E.O), or be thrown out into the wild to fend for themselves. But, that's the least of our worries today. Today, 2 kids must figure out how to keep their own heads, while a very powerful scientist is about to meet his demise, at the hands of his own creation.

audio drama, audio play, dystopia, fantasy, radio drama, science fiction, scifi

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