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Stay informed on the latest street actions, hacking lessons, videos, street art, music, pics and other lulz from Clownsec! - What is Clownsec? Clownsec is the natural evolution of activism, artists, hackers, phreaks, musicians and various freedom fighters who show their appreciation for humor in an otherwise dreary world of protesting and hactivism. We realize the power of parody and remember that if you forget to enjoy life and smile you already lost the fight! The clown army transcends borders and can be found fighting on many fronts across the world. Where there is injustice on the ground you will find a clown to destroy that frown! Put on your floppy red shoes and a red nose, we are taking the power back! All your frownz are belong to clownsec! *HONK*

anonymous, clown, graffiti, lulz, occupy, protest, street art

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