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The Animal Jam Potato

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Last Updated:Tue, Jun 23, 2015


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Hi there! I am neros1234. This is my app. It has stuff about my blog, The Animal Jam Potato. I created it strictly because looking at blogs on your mobile device's browser is TERRIBLE. Everything is glitchy, it logs me out randomly, and the screen scrolls weirdly. As you can tell, it is a blog about a game called Animal Jam. It doesn't have very much stuff on it now, but I will add more as I learn what creating an app really means. If you would like to view my blog, the link is in the app, and also here: Let's see, a little about myself. Well, I am an avid Jammer, my username is neros1234, my favorite holiday is Earth Day, I love kidney beans and potatoes, and I love Owl City. Well, I guess that just about wraps it up. ~neros1234

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