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PRISMA is stand for Persatuan Pengguna Kenderaan Ringan Bermotor SeMalaysia (The Consumers Association of Light Motor Vehicle Whole Malaysia). This association included the users and owner of the light vehicle as motorcycle, car and taxi. So, as a users and owner we always meet so many problems like the vehicle price, taxes, maintanance, toll, petrol, services and so many like that. With the association, we all want to try to solve all those problem... aspecially sharing about the members shop, workshop and the related service. With the all members of PRISMA, we all can get the cheaper cost.. of course from the member special discount... In other way, we also can discuss with the biggest company to reduce the price of the vehicle for our group ! ...and we also can discuss with the government about the hisgest tax for example import tax and road tax.


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