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Party Down South Fans

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Last Updated:Sun, Jun 25, 2017


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Let's get it goin'! Download the Party Down South Fans app and stay connected with all things #PDS. Featuring Twitter and Instagram feeds for Mattie, Hott Dogg, Lauren, Tiffany, Murray, Daddy, Wild Lyle and Walt, you'll be locked in like a pretzel after a beach party. You can show some southern love by putting your city on the #PDS fan map and watch episodes from directly via the app. You can also chat with other #PDS fans about the show and add your burning questions to the public forum. Are the stars we see really from another galaxy? Is bacon really the answer to ANY problem? Is there anything on earth that can stop Hurricane Martha? Bye Felicia!

country music television, josh murray, lyle boudreaux, mattie breaux, party down south, tiffany heinen, walt windham

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