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Fields of Fire

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Last Updated:Wed, Aug 30, 2017


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Paintballer? Like reading? Then check out my novel: FIELDS OF FIRE, scenario paintball to the extreme! This app gives you a free preview of the novel in both text and audio forms, and gives you the link to the Amazon Kindle bookstore where FIELDS OF FIRE can be purchased for just $2.99 in eBook form. Got no money? Then click the Facebook link to find out how you can get a free copy of FIELDS OF FIRE today! SUMMARY: When the tide turns in the war between the Southern Confederacy and the Imperial Alliance, more than a stalemate is broken. To ensure victory, there must be sacrifices... sacrifices that break the faith of Captain Richardson's battalion. What happens when a soldier gets caught between his duty toward his army, and the people he cares most about: his soldiers, his friends, and the woman he loves? There's a storm brewing on the horizon, and revolution is in the air, but what chance do a few soldiers have against the might of an empire?

action novel, fields of fire, novel, paintball, paintball novel, ya, young adult

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