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OldFashion Health

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Last Updated:Mon, Sep 18, 2017


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OldFashion Health is an online show promoting Nutritional Health, Physical Health, and Medical Health, Our goal is sharing healthy products and services to our online viewers and live studio audience. We are located in Atlanta, GA where our live shows are filmed twice a month on Thursdays 6 pm. to 7 pm. many of our show are also filmed on location. OldFashion Health conduct interviews with business leaders, health professionals as well as everyday people offering a healthy product or service consistent with our plate form. We choose a book of the month promoting positive health, a cooking show that is consistent with nutritional health. Our medical segment provides updated informational tips on keeping you healthy. Our research team provides health articles and documents from a variety of institution and medical professional. We also provide several workout tips and videos consistent with maintaining physical Health. OldFashion Health provides information and services supporting “ Good Health Inside and Out!


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