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Tap into the dynamic world of entrepreneurship and small business with NMyBiz. Keep up with real time investing / investor opportunities as new opportunities become available. No longer must an entrepreneur or small business allow a bank loan to determine the fate of the business. No longer must an investor catch the tail end of a good idea. NMyBiz allows investors and entrepreneurs alike to pitch ideas and propose investment options. NMyBiz is a simple and easy to use too to create, plan and manage the development of your entrepreneurial idea and small business. It can be used for the simplest and most complex ideas and concepts. This app is also designed for second and third line managers to implement create ideas and foster B2B relationships with emerging partners. Access the power of having a business consultant at your finger tips that can provide insight for marketing and managing your small business. Initial consultation is free. This app provides resources that would in many cases take months to compile to implement into the structure of a small business. === Entrepreneur success tips in the palm of your hands. NMyBiz celebrates the spirit of creativity, curiosity and innovation. This app is filled with practical tips that extend to brave new ways of thinking. The goal of this app is to power entrepreneurs and small business owners with the necessary tools to convert ideas into the launching successful companies and new products. === The app purchase is $2.99. With this comes all of the features and benefits associated with the app. A free fifteen-minute business consultation is available along with the app purchase within 30 days of purchase. Additional business consultation time may be requested. Fees and availability may vary. Submit Business Consultation Form within app.

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