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Pure Kona Coffee

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Last Updated:Wed, Aug 2, 2017


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Mark Ferrari Specialty Coffees 100% PURE KONA COFFEE The Pride of Hawaii's Big Island - Grown in the USA! I'm proud to offer you my first love in coffee. I've been roasting this exceptional coffee for over 25 years! 100% Kona is greatly coveted as one of the world's finest coffees! With a distinctive rich, smooth taste. Its nutty, wine-like profile with chocolate-like aroma will utterly captivate your senses! Grown only on the fertile volcanic slopes of west Hawaii's Big Island. It's superior quality and limited yield commands a premium, elevating it into a class all it's own. It is truly a phenomenal coffee prized by coffee aficionados everywhere. I roast this magnificent coffee to a Medium level with slight Dark notes to develop its full character and flavor dimension. Thank you & Enjoy! Mark

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