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JogTunes presents JogTunes Videos, your easy access portal to JogTunes BPM-based music video playlists. It's a really easy way for you to get up and running in sync with the beat of great music. It's perfect for your treadmill and mini-trampoline workouts. Touch an icon, pick a playlist, tap the play icon, and away you go to top music videos by major label artists, sequenced by BPM. Each JogTunes video playlist features great major label artists' music videos, arranged in a sequence by BPM in one of two formats: 1) Walk/Run, which includes a walking warm-up pace, jogging and running paces, and a walking cool-down pace. 2) All Run: All videos are in the jogging/running pace ranges. Many playlists include a maximum BPM of 175-180 which is considered by many to be the ideal stride rate for safe running. JogTunes continually adds more playlists that are easily accessed by this app. Please check out the "About" tab for more info.

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