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Hummingbird Tracker

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Last Updated:Fri, Jul 28, 2017


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Download the Hummingbird Guide's Hummingbird Tracker app, to keep track of the hummingbird Spring migration. Follow the hummingbirds as they move from their Winter habitat in the South and Central Americas travelling through the US and Canada to their Summer destinations throughout North America. This app has an interactive migration map of our visitor posted sightings as the hummingbirds travel along their migration route. Use our sighting submission form, included in this app, to submit/post your sightings to the interactive map as these gorgeous little creatures visit your home. How about "Giving Them a Helping Hand" with our "Hummer Helper Nesting Material Kit"! Also at your fingertips, our store is loaded with unique hummingbird feeders and accessories. Click our store coupon to big savings in the store, well worth the download. Included in the app is a photo gallery of the beautiful photos submitted by our visitors. A photo submission form allows you to upload your own hummingbird photos to the gallery. Also available within this app is a handy printable pdf of a Hummingbird Nectar Recipe. Connect with the app to our website containing a wealth of information and resources for all hummingbird enthusiasts!

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