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Read Grove Body Part Chart:A Medical Arts Innovation, & Do it Yourself Medicine:A Repair Manual FREE! Two Canadian artists have re-defined the Medical Arts by creating a chart that tells you what your imbalance is, what its antidote is, & where to find that element in the real world...The body is broken down into 11 organs & each organ is shown to have 2 elements that must live in balance for health...Finally understand your own health! Simple yet powerful information! The first book explains the basics, & goes through many common ailments, their specific imbalance, & things in the real world that contain the element you need to rebalance your body...The second book gets into some more complicated problems, using the Grove Body Part Chart as well... Once you get the idea, you will be using these ideas to analyze things you have been told by doctors & remedies you have been given...For example, Cancer is a Calcium excess in the Adrenal Gland & its opposite element is Iodine...

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