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Iowa Wildlife Allies

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Last Updated:Sun, Jun 25, 2017


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FIRST LEGO League Team Golden PlatyPI (#2660 Iowa) created this app as part of the 2016-17 "Animal Allies" project, as a way of improving the interactions between Iowans and native wildlife in our neighborhoods. The app features 11 examples of wildlife common in Iowa; and for each, it includes a photo, habitat, fun facts, what to do if you find this animal injured, what to do if you need this animal removed, and tips for removing or deterring on your own. Information includes brief text, phone numbers and links to more details, with primary resources Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Animal Control. The team has also produced trading cards featuring photos of the animals and information found on this app, with a QR to link directly to the app. This simple app is intended to be fun, informative and easy to use, but is not intended to be an exhaustive resource of all facts about Iowa wildlife. We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful! -- FLL Team Golden PlatyPI (#2660)

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