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Last Updated:Wed, May 10, 2017


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Done with religion does not mean done with God. It's because of the gift of grace that we are done trying to please God by performance. Done with religion does not mean we are done with church, but we realize the Church is the body of believers and not a place we go. Religion tells us our relationship with God is based on how well we follow the rules and how well we perform. Done with religion means we no longer submit to rules and regulations but live a life of love for God and for one another. We want to take our eyes off personal effort and performance and focus entirely on Christ, realizing we are one with Him. If you have been in organized religion for any length of time, you may be feeling that there must be something more. Modern day church feels more like a large corporation these days. It seems we have taken our eyes off of Christ and put them on things that are about Christ. The postings and sites listed here are meant to help put your focus back on God and His love for us.

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