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Last Updated:Sun, Aug 3, 2014


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Pierre Ethier spent over 20 years as a staff member of the Church of Scientology studying the religious technology and helping people through religious counseling. Staff members of the Church are volunteer Ministers, who work full time on a charitable volunteer basis without a pay. Pierre Ethier is an applied Scientology auditor who, among other rundowns, mastered the famous “ Ls “ Rundowns in their powerful original. Pierre studied and delivered numerous of the so called Flag Only Rundowns, including the Original Super Power Rundown, Knowledge Rundown , Case Cracker Rundown , New Vitality Rundown , Fixated Person Rundown , Dynamic Sort-out Assessment , NOTs Stability Rundown and many other.

auditing, class xii, counceling, l10 l11 l12 original super power rundown knowledge rundown case cracker rundown new vitality rundown fixated person rundown dynamic sortout assessment nots stability rundown held down seven rundown int by dynamics rundown havingness rundown the prosperity, ls, scientology, super power

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