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AIM OF THE SIBANYE RANGERS: 1. Promoting diversity in our Communities through knowledge and understanding. 2. Preserving the natural environment and minimizing the impact of humans on the environment. MISSION & DUTIES OF EVERY SIBANYE RANGER 1. To promote cultural diversity and acceptance of all people in Afrika as Afrikans and children of Afikan Soil. 2. Ensuring social cohesion amongst people of all races creeds, ethnicity and religions backgrounds by promoting the principles of Ubhuntu 3. To Fight all forms of Discrimination, Alienation, Racism, and Xenophobia. 4. To minimize human impact on natural environment through greener living conditions and promoting recycling. 5. Maintaining and preserving the national heritage and environment on our continent. 6. Promoting healthy drug and crime free environment for the development of our youth. PRINCIPLES OF THE SIBANYE RANGERS  Duty to Others – Promotion of understanding and co-operation in society, recognition and respect for the dignity of humanity and the natural world.  Duty to Self - Responsibility for the development of oneself, to be trained, to enshrine learning and the entrench a culture of reading.  Duty to the Constitution and Basic Human Rights – To have the responsibility of always adhering to the principles enshrined within the constitution and the maintenance of the International Conventions on Human Rights.  Respecting Religion – To show tolerance understanding and respect for the religious or ideological convictions of others  No Political Affiliation – The Organization is not connected with any political body. . THE SIBANYE RANGERS CODE OF CONDUCT  I will serve the SIBANYE RANGERS as a volunteer with Loyalty Honesty and Dedication.  I will treat all people fairly and respect their rights and dignity at all times, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, culture, language or sexual orientation.  I will respect the natural world and the environment.  I will respect all cultural objects and places of worship.  I will not lie, steal or conduct any civil or criminal violation.  I will always uphold the image of SIBANYE RANGERS.

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