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Feel anxious whenever you have to write a research paper or complete a work task that requires some type of research. WELL, STRESS NO MORE! The College Success Lab app provides you with the best Librarian Approved websites to get you started on your research journey. Think about it for a moment…IS THIS YOU?! *Hate to write papers, particularly research papers? *Find yourself waiting until the last minute to do so? *Get frustrated when you can’t come up with any good ideas? *Can’t always find the information you think you need? Writing a good paper involves more than simply copying information off the internet. A good paper presents ideas logically. It holds the reader’s interest. It may even teach the reader something new. YEAH, YOU CAN DO THAT! So, are you ready to write a good research paper? Ready to work "smarter" for that “A” grade?? THEN, STRESS NO MORE! THIS FREE APP WILL GIVE YOU THE SUPPORT YOU’LL NEED TO DO JUST THAT! We'd love to hear from you!

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