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Last Updated:Sun, Jun 25, 2017


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This app is a documentation of a life transformed through the whispers of the sages and messengers of life. The attainment of a higher realm is available to all who seek. Be warned that to seek this highly coveted prize, one must first travel to the self and look within, for as within, so without. Let the journey begin. Use the books, links and inspired messages within this app to start you on your way. Inspirational and motivational teachers are here to help you find your way. Take everything they say with the proverbial grain of salt because even with all thy have learned as masters, you will still have to make up your own mind. Your perspective is important. Remember LOVE is the master key to happiness. There is no path to happiness... for happiness is the path. Discuss your ideas with others, knowing that you are not alone.

inspirational, motivational, secrets of the ages

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