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Binary Trading

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Most reliable of spread betting sites in the world, profit from your predictions at with loads of securities to choose to from and returns up to 1000%. Unlike traditional spread betting, is Fixed Odd meaning that your losses cannot exceed your initial deposit. And with the potential of making in excess of 170% (at least) return on your money in seconds, you could soon find yourself trading your way to financial freedom FOR REAL. Markets which you can trade on include; Stocks Forex Indices Randoms ( own options) As well as the mere UP/DOWN options you may be familiar with in regards to Binary Options, also has several other options for you to choose from, including HIGHER/LOWER IN/OUT & TOUCH/NO-TOUCH, where you can predict whether the price is going to be within a certain price range (or not) before the option expires. Furthermore on some of the options, you are allowed to close the option before it expires! Also a FREE DEMO account is availab

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