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Baker County 4-H

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Last Updated:Fri, Sep 15, 2017


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The University of Florida Baker County 4-H intends to educate, inform and provide updated information on Baker County 4-H activities and to support and promote 4-H objectives for these activities through its social media site. All Baker County 4-H comments are made by Baker County 4-H designees. This site is not a public forum. Social media users may share ideas through commentary that is consistent with and furthers the objectives of a Baker County 4-H post and the University of Florida Baker County 4-H reserves the right to remove any comments that do not fall within this purpose. By posting a comment on this application, users agree to follow the terms of use of the site, Florida and federal laws and University of Florida regulations and policies, including but not limited to the University’s Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy. The Baker County 4-H reserves the right to remove from the site any comments that violate these requirements.”

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